i know ive drawn a few MK III promotions before but i felt like all those were kinda eh because im an artist and naturally critical of my own work blah blah etc etc

but for this piece its sPECIAL i really—- like, for this piece i tried to emulate the feeling of being in the audience at a show. ive only been to a few SPG shows but each time ive felt like the experience was rather, idk, intimate? as in like, despite HOW MANY fans were in the audience, i felt like it was just me and spg, and thats just! thats just a really nice feeling because you cant take your eyes off of them and youre enamored the entire way through

so thats why spg are silhouettes in the distance, and the piece mainly focuses on a girl in the audience (who may or may not be a self portrait) because its really lovely being a fan and seeing them and enjoying their music. ive made tONS of lovely memories and wonderful friends because of spg and i want this piece to encourage others to do the same u_u 

soooo ye! its been fun and i hope with the release of MK III it continues to be fun u_u !!! sorry about the bright colors

ps: mk iii is written here three times! theyre pretty easy to find tho u_u

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